Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Investment Decision Process

Stonebridge's investment process is fundamental, research-driven and bottom-up. First, the universe of potential investments is filtered to highlight the companies with desirable growth characteristics that meet the team's selection criteria. Sectors' and industries' portfolio weightings are primarily influenced by how many such companies look favorable and also by the team's macroeconomic outlook as well as secular growth themes. The team finalizes the portfolio holdings by conducting in-depth, multi-step fundamental analysis, proprietary cash flow modeling, and applying experiential, tactical judgment.

Core Tenets

  • Team Approach
  • Bottom-up Research Process
  • Internal Research is Championed
  • Investment Grade Fixed Income
  • Focused Portfolios of High-Quality Growth Companies

The characteristics and profile of the typical company that emerges from our security selection process will have a superior management team, strong balance sheet, high returns on capital employed, and a clearly defined strategy for growing its revenues and earnings.

Our fixed income strategy reflects our focus on the highest investment-grade securities in order to protect and preserve wealth.